• Custom resolution (from 16x16 to 8K and more)
  • 3 output formats
    • .webp (slow, invisible compression, small file size)
    • .jpg (fast, visible compression, smallest file size)
    • .tga (fastest, lossless, huge file size)
  • 360 Panorama (equirectangular)
  • Tiling (for super-resolution screenshots)
  • Sequential capturing (99 frames maximum, captured each 10th of a second)


  • 99 screenshots in the folder will cause overwriting (starting from the first one)
  • Extreme resolutions can cause crashes (16K and more)
  • Tiling is available only in ManiaPlanet (missing top row)
  • Panorama mode
    • Available only in ManiaPlanet (Trackmania2020 crashes)
    • Most maps cause flipped tiles (fixable using Fix Tiles option sacrificing quality)
    • TARGA (.tga) flips Red and Blue color channels
    • Noticeable seams due to fake lighting



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